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Team Strength and Conditioning

The MAC’s Team Strength and Conditioning program improves each athlete’s proprioception and kinesthetic awareness, strength, and conditioning level. MAC trainers will teach the athletes the importance of core strength, mobility of joints, and flexibility through a series of full body weight and resistance training movements. Athletes will build physical strength, balance, endurance, and power allowing them to perform better, prevent injuries, and understand proper body mechanics. Quantifiable activities will show physical improvement of each athlete over the course of the program.

Program Outline:

  • 10 weeks, meeting once a week
  • Held on basketball gym, or indoor soccer field if available
  • Program Schedule
    • Weeks 1-3: Perfect stabilization training. This includes balance and endurance training for the stabilizing muscles. Go over proper body mechanics that set the foundation for strength training.
    • Weeks 4-6: Focus on strength training and building muscle. Incorporating more difficult exercises and achieve movement.
    • Weeks 7-9: Focus on power by adding plyometrics and other explosive exercises.
    • Week 10: An overview of everything learned and an individual progress competition.

Although this program has a set schedule, we are flexible to specific team needs on a week-to-week basis. Coaches can communicate team goals and needs directly with the MAC Trainer. Email Scott Jansen, MAC Fitness Manager, to get your team training today.