June/July 2016 Announcements

June/July 2016 Announcements


InBody System

Magnuson Athletic Club is happy to offer its members the opportunity to use our InBody 370 Body Composition Analyzer! When used in concert with one of our training programs, MAC’s trainers will use this information to help you identify the needs of your body, work to develop training goals and keep you on track to fulfill those goals. 

The InBody 370 is an easy-to-use device that sends tiny, painless currents of electricity through your body as you stand on it. By measuring your body’s resistance to these currents, it determines the amount of muscle, fat, and water present in your arms, legs, and trunk.

Personal training packages include a body composition test, but you can also purchase one test for $35, or two tests for $50.

Learn more: www.macseattle.com/wellness/body-composition-analysis/

Super Summer Savings!

The Magnuson Athletic Club is offering some great Summer memberships. Please pass this along to your friends and family!

3-Month Summer Membership – Enroll today and receive a three-month membership for $139. Plus pay no initiation fee and no facility improvement feed.

Learn more: www.macseattle.com/membership/summer-special/

Student Care Package – College students can purchase a one-year membership for $199 and access the club whenever they are home… no questions asked.

Learn more: www.macseattle.com/membership/student-care-package/

MAC Bootcamp

Come experience your favorite MAC Fit classes, all mixed into one! MAC Bootcamp is a MAC Fit Large Group Training with specialty workouts specifically designed to help our members achieve their goals. We combine HIIT, TRX, agility, core conditioning and flexibility training in order to complete a total body workout. MAC Bootcamp challenges every muscle group with short rests in between sets to keep your heart pumping and calories burning!

MAC Bootcamp is currently taught by trainer Mindy on Tuesdays at 9:30am and Wednesdays at 8:45am. Purchase a MAC Fit Large Group Training Package to participate!

Questions about MAC Bootcamp or MAC Fit Training? Contact us at training@macseattle.com or visit the front desk!

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