At the Magnuson Athletic Club, we take pride in creating a welcoming and positive environment for members.  From the moment they walk in the door, we want them to know we are happy they are here.  One of our staff members leading the way in this endeavor is Stu McKenna.  Whether he is greeting members and answering questions at the front desk or he is working one-on-one with clients as a trainer, Stu wants people to know that he cares about them.

Stu started working at the MAC in January of 2015.  While most of his time has been spent as a host at the front desk, he has more recently begun to work as a personal trainer.  For Stu, it is the best of both worlds.  Not only does he get to meet and greet all the members of the club but he gets to help some of them accomplish their fitness goals.  Stu describes his training style as progressive and safe, or as he puts it “start low and go slow.”  By taking this approach, he is able to keep the training moving forward, minimizing injuries and helping clients get to the ultimate goal…to feel good about themselves.

When he is not at the club, Stu enjoys spending time with his family.  They enjoy the outdoors with walks and hikes and exploring new places in and around the city.  But mostly, Stu, his wife Hawa and their seven month old daughter Samantha relish their time just hanging out together and being self-described homebodies at their place in West Seattle. For now, Stu is excited about continuing to build his training experience with members at the MAC.  In the future, there is still a lot to explore for Stu and his family.  He can imagine using his expertise as a consultant for other clubs and gyms who are looking to create that winning combination of services and environment that works so well here.  Stu also is looking for future opportunities to discover more about his spirituality.  And there are even dreams of land in the form of a small farm or homestead for the family.  Whatever the future holds for Stu, we know he will approach it with the same positive attitude and friendly demeanor that defines his time at the MAC.