Fat Loss

Body Breakthrough is nutrition driven and progressive. Our approach creates sustainable lifestyle changes—your personalized plan is created to fit into and meet the demands of your busy life, so what you learn from the program will naturally become part of your everyday choices.

You will learn which foods to eat to get your more results from your workouts by focusing on foods that are high in anti-inflammatory and nutrients. Get the body you want to see and know exactly what to do every day to keep fat off!

“Success is achieved with small moves and choices you make all day, every day!”
Breanne Curran, MAC Health Coach

Stronger Than All Your Excuses, Fit for Your Life!

Body Breakthrough is now online for busy adults. In eight weeks you will…

  1. Learn What to Eat and Why
    Five workshops with detailed lesson plans and exact guidelines to follow daily.
  2. Keep Consistent and Committed
    Receive weekly support to keep you accountable and on track with new challenges and reminders.
  3. See What To Do
    “How To” videos keep you making the right choices with less decisions.
  4. Know Exactly What To Eat
    Online weekly meal plans custom built to fit each week in program.
  5. Boost Results with Bonus Support
    Monthly eNewsletter with top tips and tools.
  6. Know Why You Are Getting Results
    Keep accountable with recording your foods and workouts in your supplied FitBook.
  7. See Actual Results
    Numbers don’t lie. Watch actual inches fall off your body, while body fat and pounds go down! Breanne meets with you in person through the program to keep track of your progress and see actual results from all your hard work.

What You’ll Eat

Nutrition classes teach you to eat for your personal needs and help you confidently meet daily health and eating challenges.  While recommended food choices may not include chocolate cake for breakfast, you will feel satisfied and properly fueled.

Why It Works

Body Breakthrough provides the structure needed for successful change by combining Education, Action and Accountability

  • Learn to properly fuel your body
  • Understand how to exercise and why
  • Elevate your awareness and stay focused with body stats.  Our elite Body Composition Device, InBody 370, tells you everything from how much muscle you have and where in your body, your metabolic rate, and how much you have been hydrating. Accurate measurements prove you have been working hard and dropping inches.

Body Breakthrough creator, Breanne Curran, has developed this program out of a fierce passion and drive to get people more results. “I knew my clients not only should be seeing more results, but they deserve more from all the hard work they were doing in the gym. No one can out train a crappy diet, ever! People know what they should do, yet fall victim to what they will do.”  Breanne keeps you doing everything you should be doing to get everything you want to see! As an accomplished trainer through NSCA, Breanne needed to know how to get people lasting results. She dedicated herself and became a Nutrition Specialist and a Health Coach. Breanne is truly addicted to results.