Success Stories

“After a recent annual physical, my doctor expressed that my blood work results were groundbreaking. My triglycerides are practically non-existent, my glucose level is nice and low, and my Vitamin D is nice and high. Even my blood pressure, which has hung at 135/85 since being pregnant five years ago, has come down significantly to 115/73!
All thanks to Body Breakthrough, I can see the improvement in the weight and inches lost, and I can feel it in my increased energy levels, but seeing it on paper was the ultimate measurement of success for me”
Stephanie Dart
“Body Breakthrough has been about building confidence in my body, as well as strength. It has been about learning what to eat and how to move for life, how to find a balance between nutrition, work, exercise each day, and what it means to bring that balance on vacations too. Body Breakthrough has become so much more than about fat loss, but how I develop skills for a long healthy life. Part of those skills are learning and listening to my body. I am so grateful to all of you. There is just a great staff and good environment at the MAC in general! “
Janet Germeradd, age 49
“I can’t say enough good things about the results with my body and overall health since training and health coaching with Breanne and Body Breakthrough. Since starting four years ago, I have had a baby and was able to train my entire pregnancy with her. I quickly regained my strength and am stronger today then I’ve ever been.
Breanne’s method for coaching is very direct, streamlined, and easy to understand. Breanne and I can see direct results from my training and diet. I have becoem a more thoughtful and educated eater, as well as better at nourishing my body with foods that sustan me complement the work I’m doing. The way I feel and my performance is all thanks to Breanne and her dedication to me an dmy effort and work in return.”
Courtney Gerlich, age 33 and a mother of a 2 year old
“When I first approached the Body Breakthrough program, I had reached a plateau. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to find the right diet and exercise combination to reach my fitness and weight goals. I came to the program after recovering from an injury and was initially hesitant due to fears of exacerbating the injury. After meeting with Breanne for an initial consult and talking through my history and goals those fears were put to rest. She set out an individualized set of stretches and strengthening movements to help prepare me for the sessions to come. Throughout she has continued to recommended additional ways in which I can ensure I avoid injury.
The small group sizes meant that Breanne was able to monitor my progress, answer any questions, and ensure proper form and posture were used at all times. She was able to quickly tailor any movements and weights to my individual needs. She took great care to see to it that I was getting the most out of each session and explained all movements so that any solo work would be equally rewarding.

The nutrition classes didn’t just cover what to eat, but explained why. They provided me with the tools I needed to make intelligent, healthy decisions about food that enabled me to recover quicker, have more energy, and continue trimming down. The accountability portion helped to highlight the changes my body was going through and proved incredible in keeping me motivated.

I am appreciative of how upbeat, and enthusiastic Breanne has been. I am moving better, have better flexibility, and have more endurance with which to do the activities I love. If you are looking for an energetic, balanced, and supportive method with which to reach your goals, I cannot more highly recommend the Body Breakthrough program.”

Jason Fischer, age 39