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MAC Fit 8-Week Sessions

Large Group Training sessions are created by our trainers and always evolve to help our members improve desired goals. Large Group Training uses a larger format and space to conduct a group allowing more than 6 participants.
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A group fitness class holds pose on TRX ropes.

TRX Suspension Training

Utilize your own body weight to functionally increase strength, power, flexibility and balance while working in a variety of planes and all ranges of motion. Click here for more details about TRX Suspension Training>>

People lunging holding sandbags.

Sandbag Training

Sandbag Training is a unique and challenging workout! The sand in the bag or ball is shifting and changing every time you move it, which makes this workout effective. You can go heavy or light. You choose: heavy, slower more controlled movements; or lighter, with more speed and reps.


Taekwondo is a fast-growing activity in the United States, and there’s no secret as to why. Besides teaching complete body control and physical fitness, taekwondo’s positively reinforced atmosphere allows its participants to learn self-esteem and self-improvement skills. Since the primary focus is self-development, there are essentially no physical limitations on any student. The class is filled with different ages and skill levels across the board but is geared towards each student through personalized instruction based on rank and experience.