Tiger Tail – Now available at the club!

The Magnuson Athletic Club is very excited to offer our members Tiger Tails! When it comes to helping muscles, Tiger Tail massage tools help do it all. Relieve sore muscles. Trigger point release. Muscle compression. Dynamic stretching/warm-up. Tiger Tail products help relieve sore muscles, speed muscle recovery and help reduce stress and tension. Tiger Tail products are now available for purchase on. For more information on Tiger Tail check out their website at www.tigertailusa.com or ask the front desk!

MAC Fit – Winter I Date

The MAC Fit Winter I series will begin on November 7th

MAC Fit is a personalized training program including both Small Group and Large Group Training Classes designed to fit your specific needs. Achieve your goals with the help of exercise plans from our top trainers!

Learn more about our flexible MAC Fit Packages and see which training option works best for you.

The Winter I schedule is going to be released in the coming weeks. 

Parent Date Night

Having trouble finding a babysitter?  Bring your kids to MiniMAC’s Parent Date Night! Leave your kids in capable hands while you go out and enjoy your evening.

The next Parent Date night is on Friday, November 4th from 5-10pm!

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