Cary Lassen is a passionate, hard working employee at the Magnuson Athletic Club who specializes in Cycle, and Senior Fitness. The MAC is incredibly lucky to have her on our team and her unique expertise is a huge benefit for our members!

Cary has called the Pacific Northwest home her whole life. She grew up in the sleepy logging town of North Bend, attended Washington State University where she met her husband, and then moved to Seattle after graduation. She and her husband Jim love the city life, but also love staying active outside. They enjoy activities like mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, and climbing local peaks, including Mount Rainier. Cary and Jim joined local bike teams and road raced locally for several years, in addition to Cary’s swimming career at Husky Master’s.

Cary currently belongs the Dyna Racing Team and discovered cyclocross racing. Cyclocross racing is a combination of road and mountain biking on part single track, grass, or sometimes road. The courses have quick turns, off camber sections, and obstacles you have to jump (which she hopes to master soon!) or pick up your bike and run. She says cyclocross racing is “absolutely out of control crazy fun!”

Cary started working at the Magnuson Athletic Club after getting her first indoor cycling certification, shortly after the club opened. She and fellow coach, Bruce Gillespie, are the two original coaches hired for the cycle program at the MAC. Bruce had been coaching in Seattle for years before Cary started and has been a fantastic mentor to her. Cary says, “We have a wonderful program at the MAC, offering 17 cycle or cycle fit classes a week. I’m really proud of what we built.”

After getting her ACE GX and ACE Trainer’s certification, Cary decided to start focusing on seniors. As people age, Cary helps them exercise smarter, and adjust their fitness routines.

Her Senior Fitness Certification gave her a wide range of tools to use when working with her senior clients. For example, she often has her clients perform the Senior Fitness Test, which can help trainers assess fitness in areas that seniors may need to focus on so they can maintain their quality of life, and continue to perform their daily activities. The fitness components she looks at are upper and lower body strength, aerobic endurance, and flexibility. After several months of working with Cary, clients can retake the test and see their improvement.

Cary’s fitness advice is to find something that brings you joy. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you keep moving and you have fun!