The holiday season is full of travel, shopping, family, and food and it can be very difficult to stay focused on your fitness goals with so many delicious distractions at your fingertips. There are 23 days between today and New Years, and we’ve come up with our best tips, tricks, and strategies to make the most of them!

1.  Find a workout buddy

We promise you are not the only one trying to avoid those holiday pounds, and it’s much harder to skip your gym session when someone is depending on you! Find a friend and encourage each other to stay focused.

2.  Set a goal
You probably won’t lose 30 pounds between now and New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a goal! Whether it’s to only eat one slice of pie, to go to cycle on Saturday mornings, or to play with the kids in the snow, establishing a goal will give you something to work towards.

3. Make it officialnewsletter, nutrition
What better way to motivate yourself than to put some money down? Sign up for a race or purchase a training package at your gym. You won’t want to see your hard-earned cash go to waste!

4.  Expect the unexpected
It’s inevitable that a holiday crisis will interfere with your workouts at some point this month. Don’t let one missed workout throw you off your game! Take an extra group fitness class to make up for the one you missed, and stay on track the next day. Try to plan ahead, there is always time for a workout!

5.  Indulge for a day, not a season
If you spend too much time worrying about your diet on a single day, you will miss the wonderful experiences the holidays bring. Give yourself a treat, and enjoy the time spent with friends and loved ones. One day will not ruin all your progress, but don’t let a cheat day turn into a cheat season!

6.  Beware of booze
Take it easy with the bubbly and remember that alcohol not only adds unnecessary calories but might also make you lose focus on what you’re eating. Be responsible and don’t let your drink convince you to have another slice of pie!

7. Get outside!newsletter, nutrition
Yes, we know it’s cold out there and your mug of hot chocolate is calling to you but that won’t help you reach your fitness goals! Head outside and try a new activity like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or even just building a snowman in your backyard.