MAC-Steven-HicksSteven Hicks is passionate about helping people conquer their lives. He is reinvigorated on a daily basis by his clients’ success and the power it has to change their experience of everyday life. Blessed to be doing what he calls the best job, Steven is excited to share his enthusiasm, energy, and expertise with members of the Magnuson Athletic Club.

Fitness Beginnings:
Steven grew up in Spokane the definition of a student-athlete, striving for excellence in the classroom and on the cross-country course. His exploits led him to passing eight Advanced Placement courses during high school as well as participating in the cross country National Championships his senior year. However, when injuries forced him to quit his college cross country team, Steven started to hit the gym and lift weights. His personal success transforming his own body and fitness inadvertently led to Steven’s first experience as a trainer. Impressed with his son’s progress, Steven’s father asked him to develop a training plan for him. A year-long plan was designed and Steven was amazed at the improvements in his father’s overall fitness and health: pain-free movement, weight loss, reduced dependency on medication and a boost of confidence. This was the moment Steven realized how powerful it was to help someone transform their life. He also realized he wanted to continue to help others improve their health and experience of life as a Fitness Trainer.

Since his informal introduction to fitness training, Steven has completed his degree in exercise science and holds the top certification as a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He also holds a handful of other certifications in specialized movement programs and exercises including the Functional Movement Systems level II, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and TRX Suspension training.

At the MAC:
Since starting at the MAC last October, Steven is very happy to here instead of at other traditional big-box gyms. The equipment is better, the minimum requirements of employment are higher, the members are friendlier, and there’s a focus on growth. That focus on growth is not only felt from the members who are looking to improve their fitness but also from the staff and trainers who are constantly looking to advance their own skills and experience. Steven is currently working on continuing his education plan for 2016 with the MAC’s Fitness Director, Scott Jansen. Besides the great facilities and people, working every day with a breathtaking view of Lake Washington is a great perk of the job.

At Home and Play:
Steven is very close to his family and he looks forward to spending time with them whenever he can. His penchant for fun usually leads his activities toward whatever I think will give me the most joy and laughter in that moment. Still convinced he hasn’t grown out of his nerdy phase from high school, some of those activities include video gaming and comic book reading. Steven also enjoys playing with other people’s dogs and going to the occasional concert.

Training Philosophy:
For his approach to training others, Steven credits his father’s favorite acronym about keeping things simple. I promote simplicity. My dad loved the acronym K.I.S.S. and always told me to Keep it simple, Silly. The reality is good health and fitness is a very natural state for people to be in. It’s a shame that so many contrarian methods have come out, each competing to be more revolutionary than the other, while forgetting that the most important thing is to be effective. My clients get phenomenal results without feeling like they have to sacrifice, struggle, or do anything extreme. More importantly, because my advice is so simple, they stay successful longer.

If there is one piece of advice Steven offers toward keeping healthy while balancing the many challenges of life, it is to have fun. The biggest tip is to have fun every day! We stop playing as kids and start dieting as adults. Have fun, laugh, play a little bit.


We are excited to have Steven working with the MAC training staff to help our members reach their fitness goals. If you are looking for a trainer to jumpstart your journey toward better fitness and want a simple, effective and fun experience, you can contact Steven at