John Matthews has been an outstanding member at the Magnuson Athletic Club for almost five years! We are so lucky to have members like him who are so dedicated to their personal fitness. Find out a little more about John, and if you see him at the club be sure to say hello!

John Matthews was born in San Francisco, raised in Santa Barbara, and has lived in Seattle ever since. His wife, Jeanine, is also a MAC member, runs her own small business and was the reason John moved up to Seattle. They have two daughters together, ages 21 and 19. John himself works in downtown Seattle for a tech startup and is an avid poker player and disc golfer.

Having been a member at the MAC for five years, John says, “I like the MAC, good equipment, professional and kind staff, and an all around good experience.” His favorite way to work out is with his personal trainer, Steven, who he has been working with for the past year. Since beginning his fitness journey with Steven in January of 2016, John has lost 30 pounds, gone down a pant size, sleeps better, and has more energy! As John put it, “It has been a fundamentally transformative experience.”

John jokes that his fitness goals are to “Be hard to kill, look good naked and overall be less unhealthy. My inspiration was two-fold – I felt like the last train was leaving the station. Either I start to get healthy now or just keep getting fatter and softer. And, for as long as I live, I want to feel better.” These goals, along with a few others, keep him motivated. But he also says that having a trainer has made all the difference. “If I don’t show, it costs me money, but more importantly, if I don’t show I know I won’t feel as good. Someone is expecting me, so I show up twice a week every week.” He admits that his hardest battle is fought in his head in the car on the way home from work. It can be really hard to convince yourself to go to the gym! But he says, “Turns out if you show up and do the work, you get the benefits!”