Leslie is a wife, mother and professional who enjoys the community of the MAC.  We are excited that she has chosen to share about her experiences at the club as well as tell us a little about her life away from the MAC.

Tell us a bit about your family, friends and daily life?
I am a working wife and mother and have lived in the area for over 20 years. I work full time and my job involves some travel.

I have two young adult children;  Kelley 22 and Sean 20. Kelley has developmental delays so she lives at home and we are working to build her an active engaging life in our Seattle Community. Sean is a junior at Oregon State. He is a member of the MAC and appreciates the out of area membership. My husband Mike, also a MAC member owns his own computer company.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the club?
I love to cook, entertain and travel. Eating usually goes hand in hand with those hobbies so that is why I work out. I also love sports, with football season being my favorite time of year. We have a 6-year-old Clumber Spaniel, Gibbs, who I love to take on walks and visits to the dog park.

How long have you been a member at the MAC, and what has been your experience at the club?
I have been a member of the MAC now for 5 years…it was a family Christmas present. Initially, I did what I was familiar with but my friend Lori and I decided we needed to try some new things. We attended one of the “try something new” sessions on a Saturday morning. Our first experience was in Spin with Cary. She helped us overcome the anxiety of not knowing what to do as a beginner in a spin class including how to set up the bike. The staff has been great.

When Lori and I learned the importance of weight bearing exercise, we decided to try Scott’s sandbag class. Sandbag training is great for those who travel as it’s like carrying a heavy suitcase. I signed up for two sessions a week and found out that my second class was part of a Level 2 Small Group Training. Talk about motivation…I did not want to slow these warriors down, so my competitive side kicked in and I worked hard to get stronger. Now I am a regular in MAC Fit Small Group Trainings and really look forward to it. 

What are your goals when it comes to health and fitness?
I don’t have any specific goals when it comes to fitness. During my last 2 ½ years as I have mixed up my workouts, I have learned a lot. Specifically that your body gets used to doing one type of exercise, and after a while, the benefits aren’t there. My body plateaued for a while and Scott suggested interval training. Doing that twice a week made a huge change. It just shook up my metabolism and I got stronger and raised my fitness level.

My goal as I work towards retirement is to be strong, healthy and active. I want to be able to hike, travel, and do all the things that I enjoy, including things I haven’t even tried yet. And I want my body to be able to live up to my plans for the future.

Working out regularly has also helped me sleep better and enabled my body to hold up to the rigors of work and travel. I also feel that I am healthier and my immune system is stronger. The great part is, once my morning workout is over, I feel great and get benefits the whole day.

What benefits have you noticed when training with the MAC Fit series?  
While participating in the small group classes, it really challenged my competitive side as there were people much stronger and I had to catch up to keep up. Scott has also been great in teaching the correct way to do things. His physical therapy background and experience helps to ensure I protect my lower back and prevent injury from incorrect technique. He is also so positive and entertaining that the one hour class goes by so fast. The class also gives me new exercises that I can do during the week in my early morning workouts at the MAC or in a hotel gym when I travel. I have learned that there are so many exercises that you can do without any equipment…working out “Old School.”

How has it impacted your fitness goals?
I just have so many new exercises that I can do and I don’t get bored. I usually don’t do the same circuit program twice. I have a dozen ways to do planks and to challenge my muscles to stay strong with different exercises.

It’s fun and also quick. I can exercise for 30 or 45 minutes and know that I have gotten a complete workout. I also love learning about fitness. My son works out a lot and now I feel like I am “in the know” as we compare new exercises.