It’s finally really summer! As the sun stays out longer, our social calendars start filling with weekend outings and neighborhood BBQ’s. I love this part of summer.  The part I don’t love is when I end up at a gathering and someone starts talking about the latest food article from their morning online headline or food documentary they just watched…and I work in nutrition and fitness! I often hear from people, that they are overwhelmed and confused from the gobs of nutrition info and opinions they encounter daily. This is a darn shame.  Out of all the things in life you cannot control, your foods and friends should not create more stress.  While you should be concerned about your diet and your food sources, the other simple fact is that everyone has their own needs and reasons for eating what they do. So, in order to enjoy your experience at the next BBQ, here are a few tips to prepare yourself about your food choices, so you can spend more time enjoying the company of friends and family. Get your mind right about your food choices:

  • Know what YOUR body truly needs – you may need support from your foods on staying balanced emotionally and mentally, in addition to physical needs.
    • * there are many anti-anxiety and mood stabilizing properties found through pantothenic acid (Vit B5) and Vit B12, found mostly in animal proteins.
  • Know YOUR priorities – What is most important to you? This could mean your physical health or your moral and ethical concerns.  We are all different.  You know your body and heart the best.  Do what works best for you.

Educate yourself…Be a Protein Snob: Never penny pinch when buying animal proteins.  Remember these food sources were once alive.  Not only should we care about how they were raised but you should care about what you are putting in your body.  There is a ton of information on labels making various claims from Free-Range to Cage-FreeNatural vs Organic as well as Grass Fed and even Fat-Free.  You can find helpful definitions of these terms on my blog at For Vegans: When making your food choices for the BBQ, avoid these common pitfalls listed in Bon Appetit magazine. Not sure what to cook?  There are also some great recipes (for vegans or meat lovers) that are perfect for your grill at I say let’s keep it simple.  Eat great, feel confident and enjoy summer!

Breanne Curran

Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer