Mind and Body Classes

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Mind and Body classes use breathing, focus and simple movements to help increase flexibility, strength and reduce stress. Exercises like yoga and barre can help decrease pain, discomfort, anxiety, all while enhance the quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system, and increse sense of control and well-being.

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Women hold a pilates pose on mats.

Mat Pilates

This mixed-level Mat Pilates core fusion class focuses on strength, precision, and flow of movement. The instructor presents exercises at multiple levels, allowing the student to work at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pace. You will learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core.
Women hold bar and balance with one leg extended during a barre class.


Barre is a blend of several disciplines. Fusing ballet conditioning, Pilates, and elements of traditional resistance work, you will utilize bands, balls, and the barre to fatigue specific muscle groups to exhaustion followed with a recovery stretch. With emphasis on form and attention to small muscles, Barre will shine a light on areas that go unnoticed in traditional strength training.
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Yoga typically means ‘union’ between the mind and body. It involves the practice of physical postures and poses linked with breathing exercises, relaxation technique, and meditation. As the name suggests, the ultimate aim of Yoga is create balance between the body and the mind, leading to a healthy and lively lifestyle with a balanced approach to life.

Our yoga classes emphasize the essential yoga principles that help free the body and mind from habitual patterns and tension. Regular yoga practice can lead to increased strength, stress relief, and enhanced self-awareness. We offer Vinyasa, Core Power and Restorative Yoga and these classes are open to all members and all levels of fitness.

The Tri-Dosha sequence is a gentle series that cultures subconscious meditation, body intuition, flexibility, strength, and increased lung capacity and efficiency. As you relax, your subconscious systems take over which optimizes your health to heal in a very positive way. Yoga is a beautiful science because it is a space where we can nurture and honor our divine selves. In one hour of yoga, you can relax, let go, and connect with your free self and sacred self.
This class connects breath to the poses (asanas) to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and mental clarity. Participants have the option to move into more challenging poses through a combination of flowing sequencing and static postures incorporating elements of balance, twists and inversions. Strengthen and lengthen muscle tissues while supporting joint mobility in these all levels yoga classes.
This class is a fusion of Vinyasa Yoga and Pilates inspired core work. We will flow through Sun Salutations and Warrior poses, hold lengthening and balance poses, and focus on engaging and strengthening our abdominals, obliques, glutes as well as our deep, stabilizing core muscles.