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MAC Fit Training

Small and Large Group Training

MAC Fit is an 8-week, affordable, and customizable training program that will help reach your goals. Each package includes Body Composition tests at the beginning and end of each 8-week series as well as a 1-hour session with our fitness manager to have an open forum with other participants to learn the best way to maximize results from the program. Join us for either Small or Large Group Training!

Purchase your flexible training package at the front desk or fill out the form below to get started on your training package today. Personalize your training by reserving the class time of your choice or attend a class based on availability. Training packages of eight are sold at any point within the session. Members are required to use them within six months after purchase.

MAC Fit Schedule

MAC Fit Training Packages

Small Group Training

Small Group Training has a max capacity of six participants in each group allowing specialized instruction and personalized attention to each individual. Small Group Training is affordable, fun, filled with variety and results. Join today to experience the benefits of a creative and motivated trainer!

MAC Fit Training

Level 1 and Level 2 small group training uses partnered stations within a resistance training circuit. HIIT cardio will be mixed in for maximum caloric expenditure and better results. Both levels include resistance training, core, balance and stability, and HIIT.

  • Limited experience with resistance training
    (machines, free weights, Organized Classes)
  • Limiting injuries (Joint mobility issues,
    past surgeries that affect movement/strength, current
    issues that could prevent exercise and need specialized attention)
  • De-conditioned from a time previously fit
    (cardiovascular, strength)
  • Just beginning exercise and looking for guidance on proper form and programming
  • Experienced with resistance training (worked with a coach or trainer previously)
  • No current limiting issues with mobility/strength/cardiovascular Health
  • Has trained in a group setting before or willing to learn
  • At a healthy level of fitness/conditioning


Designed for the elite experienced athlete or anyone who wants to train like one. Join us for a strength and metabolic workout using all types of equipment (Barbells, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Balls, Rowers, Skiergs, Air Bikes, etc) to achieve maximum results. Work hard and push yourself to achieve the fitness results you want to see. 

Kettlebell Training

Want to shred fat and build strength fast? Try Kettlebells! MAC’s elite kettlebell trainers will forge you a transformed body by teaching the perfect kettlebell form. Kettlebells are weights used for high-intensity cardio and strength training and are ideal for people who want high-speed, high-intensity workouts.

Get a great workout while developing top skills and techniques as a group. Due to high speed and weight, proper form is paramount in kettlebell training. In Kettlebell Level 1, our trainers teach you the basics of fun Olympic moves so you can continue to any class with any group down the road with confidence. You will learn deadlift, goblet, swings, and the Turkish getup. Not only will you learn great skills, but you’ll leave with homework from each class for challenging practice on your own! Each participant must complete four Kettlebell Level 1 classes before moving on to Kettlebell Level 2.

Know that you know the basics, let’s add on more for further results. You’ll learn more fun moves that combine both high strength and intense cardio. Everyone works at their own pace and level. Skills often used in this fun, high-energy class includes: 1 & 2 arm swings, cleans & presses, single leg deadlifts, snatches, and more. The best part is no two workouts are alike! Just show up, do great work, and see amazing results.

MAC Fit Large Group Training

Large Group Training sessions use a larger format and space that allows more than 6 participants. Our training options are created by our trainers and always evolve to better serve our members. Reach your fitness goals with a community that cares! 

TRX Suspension Training

Utilize your own body weight to functionally increase strength, power, flexibility and balance while working in a variety of planes and all ranges of motion. Leverage gravity and stabilize your core to get the ultimate body weight workout. 


Taekwondo is a fast-growing activity in the United States, and there’s no secret as to why. Besides teaching complete body control and physical fitness, taekwondo’s positively reinforced atmosphere allows its participants to learn self-esteem and self-improvement skills. Since the primary focus is self-development, there are essentially no physical limitations on any student. The class is filled with different ages and skill levels across the board but is geared towards each student through personalized instruction based on rank and experience.