Personal Training Injury Rehab

Let Us Help Get You Back in Action!

Recovering from an injury? Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or a more recreational exerciser, our certified personal training staff is trained in post-injury rehabilitation and will build a training plan to get you healthy and back to your pre-injury exercise routine. This is a great next step for people who have graduated from physical therapy to help them complete their road to recovery.

Personal training has a two-tier pricing model ($89 or $99 per 60-minute session) based on the trainer’s certification level and experience.

Training Staff

Sara Finneseth
Sara FinnesethGroup Fitness Manager | Trainer
Katie Green
Katie GreenAthletic Trainer
MS Athletic Medicine · CPT · ATC – CAT (C)
Ed Portnow
Ed PortnowTrainer
CPT | Expert Level
Joseph Comin
Joseph CominAthletic Trainer
CPT · UW BA Psychology (Focused in Goal Setting & Habit Formation)
Sam Nasralla
Sam NasrallaPersonal Trainer
Ace CPT · Sports Performance Specialist