Virtual Workouts

Stay Active At Home!

We’ve all had to adapt our exercise regimens while home-bound. Our training staff, along with the help of our sister club, Magnuson Athletic Club, is creating online content for you that will inspire great ideas for at-home workouts.

We are hosting daily Facebook Live workouts and update the schedule on this page weekly. Videos of at-home workout routines demonstrated by our trainers are also posted to Facebook and Instagram daily. You can also find all our video content on our new Youtube channel!

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This Week’s Schedule: 

Monday, July 13th @ 12:00pm – Core & Restore w/ Mac – 45 minutes
Focus on core mobility and overall body flexibility. It’s perfect for helping with injury prevention and extending range of motion. Mobility leads to longevity.

Tuesday, July 14th @ 12:00pm – Advanced Core Training w/ Maria – 45 minutes
Challenging you to engage your core while doing large muscle group weight training. A strong body starts with a strong core. We will be utilizing small handheld weights, so grab any household item. 

Wednesday, July 15th @ 12:00pm – Cardio Kickboxing w/ John – 60 minutes
Use techniques from both boxing and martial arts to create a HIIT style workout. It will get your body moving and your blood pumping!

Thursday, July 16th @ 12:00pm – Strength & Mobility w/ Dawn – 45 minutes
Focus on strengthening your muscles and improving mobility to provide stability and overall body longevity.

Friday, July 17th @ 12:00pm – Muscle Matters w/ Madeline – 60 minutes
Build muscular strength and endurance while adding a core and balance component to each move. Target muscles that thought you would never use and take your body to the next level.

Saturday, July 18th @ 10:00am – Body Shock w/ John – 90 minutes
A cross-training class incorporating intervals of high-intensity cardio training with intervals of bodyweight exercises. Designed to work all major muscle groups while maintaining cardiovascular heart rate target zone.

YouTube – Your One-Stop Shop for Virtual Workouts

Miss a workout or want to retake your favorite live class? Check out our Youtube channel, where you’ll find every Magnuson Athletic Club Facebook Live class, at-home video workout and fitness challenge, all in one place. 

Workouts are organized by type into playlists (Cardio, Bodyweight HIIT, etc.), so you can find a workout that suits your mood. We have also posted workouts from our sister club, Issaquah Fitness. Subscribe to our channel today and help us grow our following by sharing your favorite workout videos with your friends and family.

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